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俊壁---可拆装式隔墙 JUN WALL
隔音系数--Sound insulation隔断墙体隔声符合GB/T50121-2005《建筑隔声评价标准》要求,标准空气计权隔声量可达Rw42dB以上
防火极限-----Fire protection防火阻燃极限可达70分钟以上
冲击强度----Impact strength成品隔断墙应达到抗震检测标准,组件在通常使用的条件下抵抗意外撞击引起的冲击力。
密封要求---Seal requirements密封垫和密封胶条应采用高密度的三元乙丙橡胶,符合国家现行标准《建筑橡胶密封垫预成买芯硫化的结构密封垫用材料》

俊壁龙8娱乐手机版系列2 PRODUCT CENTER
One piece of innovatively milled steel becomes the foundation for limitless 
design possibilities. The patented mullion construction is the skeleton of this 
flexible, modular partition system. The wall and acoustic elements are 
particularly easy to install and change. Organisational elements can be
hooked in to the suspension units which are included as standard. If noise 
insulation requirements are higher and absorbers are required for both sides, 
we recommend the system variant with 125 mm wall thickness. The system is
rounded off by a large number of frame and door solutions.
赫尔-90偏置单玻 QUAN GANG
时尚前沿的办公设计理念除了灵感、灵动,多元、创建一个建筑空间的自然紧密的融合工作空间。Biased unitary赫尔单玻系列让设计师发挥舒适而健康的办公环境
赫尔-90偏置单玻 赫尔-90偏置单玻 赫尔-90偏置单玻